Jackrabbits News · FHS Summer Strength & Conditioning Information

We do have exciting news that our Superintendent Dr. Terry has approved our athletic plan for summer strength & conditioning to begin on Monday, June 8th for grades 10-12 with a few exceptions.  As you might know, the UIL, which is the governing body of high school athletics, has many restrictions, guidelines and procedures in place to help maintain a safe and secure environment for our athletes during this different time.  My goal is to introduce all athletes to summer strength & conditioning by Monday, June 15th, but that’s at my judgment on how safe and secure the week of June 8th is with our older athletes.

The way we have done just about everything before, most likely has gone away and this could be the new normal, so previous systems are now obsolete.  I can promise you this, that we look forward to the day that we can teach and build your son/daughter along with their teammates in a very safe, fun and secure environment.

The earliest possible date of junior high summer strength and conditioning is June 15th, but that’s at Coach Woods’ discretion if that date happens.

Please continue to check our website for updates as we begin the SS&C process.

Coach Woods

Athletic Coordinator/Head Football Coach