Jackrabbits News · FISD SS&C and UIL Update

The final workouts of the initial phase of FISD SS&C program concluded this week with over 500 students working in the past month within their small groups and across multiple campus sessions.  The SS&C calendar is closed for next week but may resume on July 13th.

During the week of closure we will again deep clean school facilities, but a big thank you to our athletic trainers, coaches, and staff members who have cleaned the facilities we use every day, before, during and after workouts.  This includes the  workout locations and any equipment touched or used by more than one individual.  Thanks everyone!

Remember that our trainers have also taken daily touchless temps, used proactive health checks, and talked to every student every day.  They have tracked each student’s movement within each cohort in addition to every person’s health data every day.  Because of this proactive approach no student has entered a workout environment at any time with any symptom, but obviously this level of monitoring will not be possible during the off period of July 3rd – 13th.  So please continue to practice social distancing, use masks where needed, and limit large gatherings.

New information from the UIL was released just yesterday which indicated that some interactive group offense and defense work may take place after July 13th.  Please recall that though UIL allowed, and many schools offered, sports skills development in many settings since June 8th, FISD Athletics chose to slowly phase in our program, focusing solely upon safe and consistent operation the strength and conditioning portion, and adding groups only once the rotations and guidelines were mastered.  At this time, we have not allowed any skills work or open use of indoor environments.

We will work to offer a plan for approval by the school district which allows for additional phases of operation, beginning with some limited skill work.  However, just as we began in June, we will operate this second phase after July 13th by opening incrementally and under the same safety guidelines, daily health checks, distancing restrictions, and cleaning practices we have used since we opened.  It will remain our goal to operate in the safest, most low risk environment possible.

The summer strength and conditioning program has gone from varsity only to adding sub varsity and younger groups, phasing in alternative movements in rain or lightning conditions, and now we will work to safely phase in limited skill work (as approved) with students who are already acclimatized to the system.  We will continue to encourage students to remain at home if they are concerned they may have been exposed, and no student with a qualifying symptom will be able to enter any kind of workout.

The FISD program operates over and above both the CDC definitions for exposure and the UIL limitations on activity,  and we will continue to do so after the break.   Though we will adjust our plan for workouts as needed based on the most current information available, we will not deviate from our plan’s safety standards.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July and enjoy next week.