Jackrabbits News · FISD Athletics and UIL Update

The UIL has introduced additional information and clarifications for summer strength and conditioning and sports skills.  Since Forney ISD Athletic programs were already operating above and beyond both the initial UIL guidelines for safety as well as the CDC definitions and instructions for safe operation, very few adjustments need to be made to the FISD process for student athletes.  School trainers and coaches – your hard work and diligence in operating safely and smoothly is greatly appreciated!

Essentially, the only noticeable change to FISD operating procedures will be that beginning on July 13th when students return to school workouts, they will be required to wear face coverings when coming and going from campus as well as when not actively engaged in workout activity.  At this time, students should provide their own face coverings for these purposes as described in the CDC recommendations or in the UIL document (either cloth covering, disposable mask, neck gaiter, etc.)

Students participating in our summer programs will also be required to re-submit the pre-participation permission form before resuming on-campus activity.  This form may be found here:


FISD Athletics is continuously monitoring for latest applicable information regarding COVID-19 and related safety precautions and guidelines.  The latest updates from the UIL regarding operation of school sports programs may be found here:


Please contact your campus athletic coordinator or sports medicine department staff if you have any questions.  Have a safe and fun remainder of the off week, and we hope you look forward to returning to work outs on the 13th!