Jackrabbits News · UNITY is not Sameness.

It is Unity Bowl Week in Forney ISD.

In a normal year we would be enjoying the FCA teams dinner together, completing a community service project together, visiting our friends at local nursing centers, bringing inspiring speakers into our schools to motivate the young men and women in our sports programs, and training up our mascots for the big race!

We know this is not a normal year.  We are so glad just to be able to play sports, to enjoy both the thrill and the lessons of participation on our teams and competition with others.  We feel fortunate to be able to share our games with families and fans, even if keeping a limited capacity in our venues, and to be able to broadcast many of our events each week.

We know that these moments and opportunities are precious.  This week was not even supposed to be Unity Bowl week; it was a bye week on our calendar.  We have had to make many adjustments, and we continue to do so each week, and sometimes each day.  Still, just a few months ago, our teams would not have been able to play or practice.  Around us, some schools are still not able to do so even today.

As Chair of Districts 8-5A and 13-5A, we know how many long hours have been spent in planning and evaluating, then re-evaluating, adjusting, compromising, and planning some more just so our sports schedules could move forward.  We know that schools in both our football and volleyball districts have missed games this season, have had to play on unorthodox days or at odd hours, and have even had to forfeit contests.   Some teams remain on quarantine today.

Though in Forney ISD we continue to face some of the same challenges we faced head-on back in June when our students first returned to the workout arena, we feel fortunate for our dedicated staff, cooperative parents and fans, and to student athletes who come to work each day, ready to learn and grow – safely.

Did you know that many of our coaches and trainers started the monumental work of practicing and preparing athletes in the COVID-age way back in the summer, and that they work a full day at school and then long hours into the night all week and most weekends, still doing so?  They are working to maintain the high standards in their programs.  Even during Fall Break, the coaches, trainers, staff and students of FISD’s teams remain diligently working every day.  What perseverance!

Some might say there is no rest for the weary, but we believe it is a blessing to get to do this work.  Some see the differences in our teams, colors, campuses, mascots, strengths, and challenges.  We do too!

UNITY is not Sameness.  It is Oneness of Purpose.

Unity Week is far bigger than a contest or performance.

God bless the folks who continue to run the extra mile to clear the way so FISD teams can continue to move forward.  Thank you to everyone for helping us succeed in the COVID age – despite the challenges of the COVID age!   We hope it is a great UNITY week for all!