Jackrabbits News · Jan 2021 FISD LEAD Coach of the Month

2020 was a tough year for everyone!

FISD Athletics is starting 2021 with a new initiative to recognize an outstanding coach on our staff each month.  This coach could be from any campus and from any sport, head coach or assistant, male or female, veteran or novice.  This person must be nominated by his or her peer(s) for outstanding coaching and leadership in the athletic program and must exemplify the priorities of our department and characteristics of LEAD.

  • LEAD Coach of the Month will be recognized in person where she or he will receive a token of our appreciation for a job wonderfully done.
  • He or she will be featured on our website, on our social media, and by FISD.
  • LEAD Coach of the Month will be featured as a guest on the One2Six podcast


What Are They Saying About Coach Jeff Pruitt:

Coach Jeff Pruitt exemplifies the true meaning of what LEAD is all about. First and foremost he is the picture of honestly, loyalty and integrity. He is a man of strong faith and a leader of young men. Although he goes about his leadership on the field, court, and classroom in a very quiet way, not seeking any attention or recognition, there is no doubt he strongly exemplifies those LEAD qualities.

He demands attitude and effort from athletes and students in a way that doesn’t seem demanding, but works. He is exceptional in the classroom, earning high praises from Administrators. His work with kids with special needs is unwavering and consistent. The terms Faith, Family and Forney are the perfect description of the man, and educator he is.

His faith is obviously strong and he is a true “family man”. His wife and children are top priorities and the way he interacts with and loves his grandchildren is a special sight to see.  He is a truly loyal leader to the students and student /athletes and fellow coaches, teachers and administrators in FISD.

Coach Pruitt is a team player and always is ready to do what the school and program need him to do.  He is a tireless worker, and a humble winner in life.  Our students are fortunate to have his leadership and influence.

Coach Jeff Pruitt would be the perfect inaugural LEAD Coach of the Month for FISD Athletics. Coach Pruitt is always putting in extra time to help coach kids and is a great role model for myself and other coaches at FHS. Without the help from Coach Pruitt, the Tennis Team and Baseball Team would undoubtedly struggle to maintain the high levels at which they perform.