Jackrabbits News · Goodbye Old Friend

Appropriately, the final district game played in the Old Ballpark on Bois D’Arc ended in a Jackrabbit Run Rule.

Countless of those have been seen here over the years, along with heated vics in extra innings, and oh those heartbreakers too, walk-off home runs, and even a perfect game or two.  For the players who wear the black and gold, those who wore the colors before, coaches who poured heart and soul into baseball and softball out there, and all the fans who have enjoyed the action, this moment may be bittersweet.

New fields made of that wonderful stuff called artificial turf, so much more common on Texas ballfields these days, are in the works to be the new Home of the Jackrabbits.  Saying goodbye to grass and dirt also means goodbye (well almost) to mowing, irrigation, pre and post emergent weed control, marking, lining, dragging, prepping, raking, amending, winterizing, and a lot of etc.  It also means a lot more practice time and a lot less rain delays and cancellations.

So don’t you shed no tear!  But don’t forget your roots either.  They are still in that soil.  Generations of wonderful memories were made there for Forney-ites.  A lot of local love for the national pastime was freely given, and our hats are off in appreciation and pride.  Goodbye old friend.

Coach Jason Farrow’s post as he turned out the lights after the last game said it all so well…