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Coaching Staff

Forney High School Coaches:


Bowen, Rachel
Rachel Bowen, Warren Middle School


Kaycie Byford, Assistant Basketball


Lesley Buntin, Athletic Secretary and Event Clerk
Cook, Laurie
Laurie Cook, Warren Middle School
Cook, Sandy
Sandy Cook, Girls’ Athletic Coordinator, Head Cross Country, Head Girls’ Track
Carah, Elizabeth
Elizabeth Carah, Warren Middle School
Eitel, Pat
Pat Eitel, Assistant Cross Country, Head Softball
English, Richard
Richard English, Head Athletic Trainer
Haynes, Richard
Richard Haynes, Head Volleyball
Kile, Carolina
Carolina Kile, Assistant Girls’ Basketball


Lacey Lanier, Warren Middle School

McCown, Ricky
Ricky McCown, Head Girls’ Basketball, Assistant Tennis
Parker, Michelle
Michelle Parker, Assistant Volleyball, Softball
Watts, Lauren
Laurne Watts, Assistant Cross Country, Track and Field
Wilkerson, Whitney
Whitney Wilkerson, Warren Middle School
Williamson, Trisha
Trisha Williamson, Head Girls’ Soccer
Buerck, Krys
Krys Buerck, Warren Middle School
Conner, Calley
Calley Conner, Assistant Football, Head Boys’ Track and Field
Duplissey, Kris
Kris Duplissey, Assistant Football, Head Boys’ Soccer
Garcia, John
John Garcia, Assistant Football, Track and Field
Farrow, Jason
Jason Farrow, Head Baseball, Assistant Football
Holloway, Bart
Bart Holloway, Head Boys’ Basketball, Assistant Golf
Kunkel, Stephen
Steve Kunkel, Football Special Teams Coordinator, Assistant Basketball


Patrick Leucke, Warren Middle School

Lucas, Bryan
Bryan Lucas, Assistant Football, Boys’ Basketball
Monroe, Tyler
Tyler Monroe, Assistant Boys’ Soccer
Najarro, Zach
Zach Najarro, Assistant Football, Track
Pruitt, Jeff
Jeff Pruitt, Assistant Baseball, Assistant Tennis
Reeves, Brady
Brady Reeves, Assistant Football, Track
Rush, Kevin
Kevin Rush, Head Football, Campus Athletic Coordinator
Schmidt, Jim
Jim Schmidt, FHS Assistant Football, Warren Middle School Track and Field


Jenny Scruggs, Assistant Athletic Trainer

Syjanksky, Chris
Chris Syjansky, Head Golf
Thompson, Jason
Jason Thompson, Assistant FISD Swimming
Wallace, Chris
Chris Wallace, Warren Middle School, Assistant FHS Baseball
Williams, Charner
Charner Williams, Head Tennis
Young, Adam
Adam Young, Warren Middle School
Yudizky, Brad
Brad Yudizky, Football Offensive Coordinator, Assistant Baseball