LEAD Defined

Re-Defining Success Through LEAD.







Leadership is defined in Forney ISD Athletics as the impact a student athlete has on his or her teammates, team, campus, and community.  Influence as a leader takes many forms and these can be developed through the experiences offered in FISD Athletics.


Effort is a mindset and a daily choice.  It is not dependent upon talent, physical traits, activities, or outside influences.  Effort comes from within. It affects every task.


Attitude is determined by personal character and a positive outlook.  A great student athlete must be both humble and confident, must be courageous but have a servant’s heart, and must be individually strong but submit to the goals of the team.


Determination is characterized by a persistence of will, physical and mental endurance, and spiritual strength.  When circumstances are difficult one cannot be discouraged, and when they are great one cannot be satisfied.  


In Forney ISD Athletics we believe that the greatest lessons of athletics are bound up in these simple foundations of LEAD.  The person who has learned to exhibit leadership, chooses to give great effort, maintains a proper attitude, and sustains great determination will be prepared for life in a way that offers success in any endeavor.  
How will you LEAD?